“Make the Grade is a programme that allows us to offer a lot more additional opportunities than we would ever have been able to do alone.

It allows our students to be nurtured and they allow our students to grow into well rounded individuals that can function really well and effectively in society.

It’s had a huge impact on our results and supported our students to have resilience, leadership and team working skills.”

Paul Cooper, Deputy Headteacher, Abbey Grange Academy


About the programme

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Since its launch in 2011 over 100,000 young people have benefited from Make the Grade, which is expanding rapidly every year.

Young people find the experience of investigating career options frustrating and uninspiring. Too many of them refer to jobs and industries that were common during their parents’ youth and lack knowledge on the types of skills that are needed right now in their local area.

Make the Grade focuses on bringing ideas and inspiration through real-life, hands-on experiences about future career paths to our young people. In a culture where they’re used to information coming to them, why should information about careers and the world of work be any different?

Driven by a national team from Ahead Partnership and supported by the government-backed Careers and Enterprise Company, Make the Grade creates partnerships between education and employers to design engaging and immersive career-related activities for students.

School and college teams work with business experts and volunteers to design and deliver activities that have a lasting impact, combining their knowledge and expertise to provide exciting experiences for students that help them to make more informed decisions about their futures.

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