Measuring impact

Research shows that enabling young people to engage with employers has a significant impact on their future success. Make the Grade seeks to make this a reality for primary and secondary school students throughout the UK.

The Careers & Enterprise Company’s latest research paper, Moments of Choice, suggests that young people are overloaded with careers information and disengaged with thinking about their future options – they want and need experiences that help them understand their options and inspire them with ideas about their future.

Further studies have found that multiple contacts with employers whilst in school improve the confidence that young people have in the choices they make and can improve their future earning potential by up to 16%.

Make the Grade is a unique programme which brings businesses and educators together to give every young person inspiration and ideas, regardless of their background. Educators and national employers use our programme to create bespoke programmes of activity that are uniquely tailored for their students or their sectors and workplaces.


See the evidence of employer impact in education for yourself


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