Transpennine Express Scheduling Challenge

Major train operator, Transpennine Express, help Year 10 students apply their learning from GCSE Maths to a real life scenario and understand how their learning from the classroom can be applied to the real world.


FOCUS: Help develop students understand how the problem-solving and algebra skills they learn in GCSE Maths can be applied at work for a major employer.

15 students from Abbey Grange C of E Academy in Leeds and Lightcliffe Academy in Halifax took part in an exciting challenge set by business volunteers from Transpennine Express and were asked to propose a new train line from Leeds to London, focusing on generating the highest profit possible.

Students attended a day long launch in Leeds where they were split into teams and chose roles; either Project Manager, Finance or Scheduling. The relevant team members attended a workshop themed around the role requirements which aimed to provide an in-depth insight into the technical requirements needed to complete the challenge.

Students were appointed roles and only attended one workshop each to understand how teams work on projects in a business. After the launch day students worked on their ideas and had three weeks to come up with their proposal.

Three teams competed in the final in July where they presented their idea to a panel of scheduling specialists from Transpennine Express and the winner was chosen.

"This was a great opportunity to experience carrying out a difficult project and learning about the different roles available at an employer like Transpennine Express. We got to use the Maths we learn in school for a real problem and had fun doing it too!"

Winning team of Year 10 students, Transpennine Express


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