We start by finding out what your aims are and design a programme that meets your goals.

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You'll have a Project Manager to support you through your programme. We manage student recruitment, coordinate delivery, create bespoke briefing notes and resources with your volunteers

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We collate feedback from all of the schools, students and volunteers that take part in your programme and provide impact reports detailing volunteer hours and outcomes.



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Make the Grade for employers

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Make the Grade is a bespoke service that links your organisation with schools/colleges in your operating or target areas. Together with you we plan and deliver activities for students which offer them an insight into your industry and enhance their employability skills. 

Activities are carefully planned in partnership with education partners to ensure they provide meaningful, hands-on activities and experiences, not only for young people but for business volunteers too. 

Your Make the Grade programme can: 

  • Strengthen your recruitment brand with millennials and the future workforce 
  • Tackle the skills deficit by providing experience of work and developing employability skills 
  • Improve social mobility, diversity and inclusion by bringing opportunities to different audiences  
  • Provide skills development opportunities for your staff 
  • Provide an effective way to fulfil regulatory, planning and other statutory obligations as well as strengthen your relationship with clients and supply chain. 

Headquartered in Yorkshire, Make the Grade has a national reach and delivers in cities and regions across the UK, supporting employers across a national footprint. 



In 2017, an independent evaluation confirmed that Make the Grade is a highly effective and scalable service that ensures tangible and lasting impact and exceptional value for money. Find out more about how we know Make the Grade works by clicking here. 


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