Case study: Business Enterprise Fund

Business Enterprise Fund inspires budding entrepreneurs in Bradford

As part of the aspire2work programme, in partnership with Aspire-igen, David Guild from the Business Enterprise Fund helped students from Bowling College to explore the practicalities, advantages and challenges of setting up their own business.

The 16-19 year olds studying vocational qualifications at Bowling College in Bradford threw themselves into an interactive activity on what makes a business tick.

Students were each given a role to play in setting up a business with allocated funds, ranging from sales to landlord, and were tasked with controlling their outgoings and income.



"I learnt how a business works and about what to do and what not to do when starting my own business."

aspire2work learner


  • 100% of the students felt they improved their problem-solving skills
  • 100% of the students felt they improved their communications skills