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Apprenticeship Reforms Survey: Is your business ready?


As a valued partner, we would like to understand how prepared you are for the forthcoming apprenticeship reforms. We would appreciate your time in completing this short survey. We will use the information to inform activities and projects we are undertaking at Ahead Partnership, but would also like to support you in making helpful connections and introductions, if you are concerned about your readiness to make the changes brought in by the reforms.

In terms of funding, in April 2017 all employers, across all sectors, with an annual payroll bill of more than £3million, will be required to start paying the apprenticeship levy. This applies whether or not you currently have apprentices in your business.

The funds that start to accumulate are yours to invest in apprenticeships and you will have 24 months to do this. If your annual payroll bill is less than £3million, then you will not be required to pay the levy, but there are funding changes that you need to be aware of and that could affect you and your future commitment to apprenticeships.

As well as the funding changes, there are also changes affecting the training of apprentices and their qualifications, the assessment of apprentices and how their ‘on the job’/ ‘off the job’ time is structured.

Preparing for the apprenticeship reforms requires much more than just financial planning and this is a real opportunity to review your use of apprenticeships across your organisation, where they are in use, and how they contribute to business goals.







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