20 March 2020


The current situation is posing challenges on all fronts as the nation tries to stem the spread of Covid-19. Young people now face a period of home education whilst schools must also reconfigure to provide a learning environment for children of key workers. Ahead Partnership is passionate about helping young people to develop their skills and access opportunity. In the year to date we have already helped over 400 employers deliver skills and careers activity with 25,187 young people.  

We will do what we can over the coming months to provide schools, parents and young people with new ways in which to engage in exciting employer-led learning involving local employers. We are currently working with our business partners to create exciting resources aimed at developing the employability skills of our young people which can be released to schools for school or home study. We will also be working with school partners that are remaining open to provide virtual careers and employability activity, such as live briefs and competitions, interview practice and careers panels wherever this can be arranged.

If you are an employer and you are interested in being part of this work, please get in touch by emailing us at info@aheadpartnership.org.uk. We will be setting up virtual working groups with employers to discuss and then create resources. We will also be compiling a list of businesses that are prepared to support virtual employability activities which we will organise in our usual way. There will be no cost to engaging in this activity.

We have a fantastic network of partners and supporters who have made fantastic contributions to our work over the years. We’d like to thank you for all the messages of support that we have received as we work through the full implications of this and what it may mean for us and our work in the future.

The work we are doing together to prepare young people for a successful future is so important it must continue. We will find a way.

- Stephanie Burras CBE
Chief Executive
Ahead Partnership

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