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Bradley Lonford This month, we had a chat with Bradley Longford at Henry Boot Construction to hear more about why he volunteers his time to help students at our events

Could you tell us a little about Henry Boot Construction and your role please? 

In November 2017 I began my professional role as a Trainee Business and Marketing Assistant. My roles consist of managing the Henry Boot Construction website and social media pages as well as assisting with any other marketing related tasks. Furthermore, I take part in many school engagement events with the Employment and Skills Manager supporting and leading them with the organisation.

Henry Boot Construction has given me the opportunity to go to University so in October 2018 I began my 3-year Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam University.


What made you want to volunteer your time to help students?

SHenry Bootecondary school plays a crucial role in what career students pursue by finding out what subjects they like and choosing their options. However, many students dismiss certain subjects like construction due to the perception it’s all ‘dirty work’ so, when students see my title, it may shock some that I work in the construction industry. 

Furthermore, I think it is essential for the students to see young people from the workplace to help them understand that you can get an apprenticeship after school/college/sixth form and you do not have to go through university to get gain employment.


You are a trainee at Henry Boot; what would you say you have learnt on your journey with us? 

I took part in a wide range of activities across Yorkshire last year, and the most important skill I have learnt is to communicate with different audiences whether that be talking to primary school children about construction or networking with other volunteers. Improving my communication has boosted my confidence both in and outside the workplace.


What would you say to colleagues or other businesses that are thinking about getting involved in student events?  

I think it is important for students to see young people in the workplace to show that there are opportunities out there to become an apprentice.

I would encourage all businesses to get in touch with Ahead Partnership and get their apprentices to events to showcase the company. Furthermore, this is part of the professional development of the apprentice by meeting other volunteers and improve their skills they can take back to the workplace.    

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