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Virtual Work Experience

Making work experience work through the pandemic with My Experience@

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Our mission is to grow aspiration, confidence and optimism, particularly in the communities that need it most and ordinarily struggle to get access to experiences and opportunities that build stronger futures. 

With support from employers, we're delighted to launch our virtual work experience programme to give young people an opportunity to develop skills and employability, ready for the world of work.

Our virtual work experience offer allows you to connect with young people, helping them gain the skills and experience they need for a career in your sector and beyond. Young people and your volunteers can take part from wherever you are, making sure the future talent pipeline don't miss out on this formative experience during the pandemic.

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ahead Partnership to make sure that our work experience could still bring these opportunities to young people in Birmingham. It has been a tough year for young people and activities like this will really make a difference to their futures."

- Christina Pendleton, Head of People and Engagement at Intercity Technology

The virtual experience offer we curate for you will simulate the experience of working in your organisation through tasks, activities and events that can be completed remotely. 

My Experience@ can help your organisation build and strengthen your talent pipeline, provide a focus for staff engagement and wellbeing and allow you to demonstrate how you’re actively addressing a key social and economic challenge arising from the pandemic.

“It was fantastic to take part in My Experience@ Wellington Place. It’s been a great initiative to be involved with, and our sessions with the school have helped inspire the students and given them the skills and confidence to succeed in their future.”

- Sue Jones, Operations Site Manager at Ministry of Justice

How does it work?

  • We partner you with schools to reach young people genuinely interested in your sector
  • Schools can be selected in line with your diversity and inclusion goals
  • Promote your organisation to an innovative, digitally-native future workforce
  • Showcase a range of roles and opportunities
  • Your team can volunteer remotely: building their own skills, while working together to support a shared goal

MyExperience@ vs. traditional work experience

  • MyExperience@ reduces the amount of time that would usually be spent managing in-person work experience. Issues such as Health & Safety, IT access and confidentiality are removed/greatly reduced as young people access MyExperience@ completely online in a safe, pre-set way that is managed by Ahead Partnership
  • As young people will take part virtually, geographic limitations are removed. You can open your MyExperience@ programme up to young people from a greater range of locations
  • Accommodation/transport costs for your work experience candidates are removed, opening up the opportunity to young people who may have found these prohibitive 
  • We design your MyExperience@ programme around the needs of your organisation and team, making it flexible around your operations.

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss hosting your own My Experience@ programme please contact info@aheadpartnership.org.uk