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“In 2017 we grew our work with Ahead Partnership by launching new initiatives through their school-specific programme… as well as helping students understand how projects work, this showed that we design developments with the community in mind – countering some local misconceptions.” – LandSec Sustainability Report 2018

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“Seeing the energy and ideas generated by young people on our programme has been a real eye-opener. The team at Ahead Partnership have provided expert and detailed guidance and support every step of the way.” – Strata Homes


“Having developers come forward to promote this kind of careers activity is vitally important in terms
of raising aspirations and showcasing opportunity. The events that Ahead Partnership deliver are designed to get young people excited about their future job prospects.” – Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council


Effective stakeholder and community engagement is one of the key factors in informing a successful profitable development and FutureVoice achieves this in a fresh and exciting way.

Aimed at engaging with young people who will be living in, working in and experiencing your developments in the future, FutureVoice involves a series of exciting and inspiring activities which can be used throughout the lifecycle of any development. They are uniquely designed around your specific developments to address your business requirements and corporate drivers.

FutureVoice engages young people in an interactive and educational way so that:

  • You can engage with and learn from your future users;
  • Young people become advocates for your development within their community;
  • You can engage with your potential talent pipeline and help address skills gaps;
  • Your activities can help young people gain essential employability skills;
  • You can evidence an impactful approach to community engagement.


Our clients span the planning, development, construction and infrastructure sectors and include LandSec, St Modwen, MEPC, Arup, Caddick, Arcadis, Extra MSA and Strata. We also work with local authorities. We understand the drivers of both the private and the public sectors.

FutureVoice can support your engagement with young people from pre-planning right through to operational and property management stages of a development. It can be used as an all-through programme or for particular phases. Ahead Partnership supports all aspects and implementation of your activities.

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In the planning stages, FutureVoice enables you to deliver on everyone’s aspirations for the development:

  • Incorporate the views of your future users into your plans and present them in a more compelling way
  • Engage genuinely with young people to create goodwill and support within the wider community;
  • Evidence your commitment to delivering a successful development and address local skills priorities.

FutureVoice helps fulfil your planning obligations and enthuse the local community about your development:

  • Activities are designed around your particular scheme to generate and maintain excitement;
  • Activities showcase career opportunities and the skills needed within the Built Environment Sector;
  • Specific obligations you have given e.g. on skills and apprenticeships can be incorporated and met;
  • Other corporate aspirations e.g. around diversity and social mobility can be addressed.

FutureVoice strengthens relationships with occupiers and customers, creating a sustainable and profitable investment asset.

  • The development and its wider offer gain visibility amongst young people and their wider network;
  • Activities help occupiers to address their skills needs so that they see real value from their landlord;
  • Career opportunities can be showcased creating a local talent pipeline for your occupiers;
  • Occupiers can diversify their workforce and attract a wider range of potential applicants.

By working with us you are choosing a team that understands your sector and has all the expertise necessary to design and deliver successful activities that will make a great difference to your developments.

Contact info@aheadpartnership.org.uk for more information.