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“We are delighted to continue over 15 years of investment in Morley by being part of this innovative and exciting programme. Together with Ahead Partnership and the other partners organisations who share our values of supporting the growth of a better Morley for everyone, Growing Talent Morley will help young people discover the breadth of careers and learning opportunities in the area as well as the importance of digital skills for the future of Morley. Together we can ensure that young people really understand and are invested in the improvements the Morley Town Deal will bring to their community and grow the talent we need for our local economy.”

- Paul Beckett, Head of Development, Sterling Capitol

Growing Talent Morley

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The Morley Town Deal is a £24.3m programme of funding that will deliver an ambitious and transformative vision for the town of Morley. The programme will deliver five distinct projects tackling regeneration, connectivity, employment and skills, business growth and improving green spaces and the public realm.

Growing Talent Morley is a programme of engagement with schools and children which will embed the benefits of the Morley Town Deal in the town, supporting young people to engage with the themes, activities and outcomes of the Town Investment Plan and enhancing awareness and interest in digital skills and careers linked to job opportunities in and around Morley.

Why get involved? 

Your involvement will help young people in a really practical way and help them to envision a more positive future. The programme allows businesses to play their part in creating a more equal and inclusive society, whilst reaching out to potential talent and the unique skills and perspectives that young people can bring to the sector.

All the activities in the programme are organised by Ahead Partnership with support and resources that help volunteers get involved, whether you are office or home based.


What sort of activities take place through the programme?

The activities we design and deliver together vary according the ages of the young people involved, though we can work with any employer on an idea that they may have to engage young people in understanding their sector.

At primary school level this may include enterprise challenges and World of Work Days focusing on the local area and the new developments they will see in the future. At Key Stage 3 (11-13 years) this may include careers panels, sector insight days and inspirational speeches. At Key Stage 4 (14-15 years) the programme is more focused on specific job roles, skills and routes of entry through activities such as workplace visits, curriculum resources, speed networking, live briefs and podcasts. By Key Stage 5 (16-19 years) students interested in specific sectors are invited to attend work experience and insight days.

Growing Talent Morley works with young people over a number of years to improve their knowledge of a specific sector and harness and grow their passion through more targeted and specific experiences with the employers involved in the programme.

How can I get involved?

Please complete the form below to express your interest. We will get in touch to send you more information and discuss how your organisation would like to get involved.






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