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"Ethan has brought a fresh perspective to our team, often positively challenges the way we do things and has massively grown in confidence whilst doing so.

From a business perspective, the whole process of recruiting Ethan through to managing his work/study balance has been effortless. The ‘new look’ scheme of work that Ethan is working towards is so flexible that everything he does is relevant to his learning.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and if your organisation hasn’t ever considered hiring apprentices, I would urge you to consider it. I have nothing but positive stories to share about this experience."

- Melissa Garrett, Project Manager

My apprenticeship experience with Ahead Partnership


After leaving school a few years ago and deciding that A Levels weren’t for me, I went and studied Sports Performance and Coaching for two years at college. After completing the qualification and not being able to find any work linked with my qualification I decided to apply for some apprenticeships as I was keen to go into fulltime work and liked the idea of being able to gain another qualification.

I was particularly interested in Business Administration as I always enjoyed Business Studies at school. I didn’t really know what to expect from doing the apprenticeship as I had never worked in an office type environment and was also unsure of what my job role would entail.

I’ve really enjoyed doing my apprenticeship as it has never really felt like I’m doing an 18-month qualification on top of working full time, this has made it much easier for me to balance my work for Ahead Partnership and make sure I’m also able to complete my apprenticeship work.

There’s rarely been a time where I’ve been overloaded with apprenticeship work and whenever I have been I’m always given enough free time to complete it. As well as that, my work colleagues are always happy to help me with any apprenticeship work I do get which is always a massive help. The work I’ve been doing for my apprenticeship has involved assignments on policies, legislation, business fundamentals, IT packages, planning and organisation, project management and many more.

My favourite element about the job is how varied my work is. Everyone in the office is always working on different events and it’s my job to help them get all the resources prepared for each event. So one day I could be doing that and another day I could be processing feedback or going out to a school for an activity and helping a colleague deliver it to the students.

Since starting my apprenticeship at Ahead Partnership I feel as if I have been able to further develop a lot of skills such as my communication skills and IT and computer skills. Also, I feel my confidence has been able to develop over the past year, this is mainly down to everyone at Ahead Partnership making me feel extremely welcome since starting my apprenticeship.

I’m still unsure on what I’ll be doing in five years time, but after completing my apprenticeship I’d definitely like to stay on at Ahead Partnership and see what happens as I’ve really enjoyed the past year of my apprenticeship.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other people, not only has it allowed me to work towards completing a Level 3 Business Administration qualification but I’ve also gained valuable work experience that not many other people at my age would have.


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