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My work experience at Ahead Partnership

by Matida from Leeds West Academy


In July we were asked if Matida, a student at Leeds West Academy, could join our marketing team to get some hands-on learning about the industry and the skills she would need to succeed. Here, she tells us what it was like to do work experience and why she would recommend it to all young people.

I've taken a lot of interest in Human Resources as I feel I work well with people and I enjoy the concept of helping those around me whilst offering as much support as possible. However, I have also have an interest in marketing and the different elements behind it as I enjoy working in a team and working on projects.

Before this work experience I was stuck between which way I would like to go with my career, however, now I feel I can make my decision with enough information and practical understanding which I learnt and picked up from Ahead Partnership.

This work experience has made me more comfortable with the idea of marketing and it has given me a better understanding about what my role would be which makes me feel a lot more knowledgeable and has boosted my confidence. When you're at school it is hard to be able to see what work in this area will really be like and so being able to do real work in a busy marketing department was very different.

Another benefit was that I could ask questions about anything and was given instant answers. Moreover I could practice my skills as well as building them. For example, I had the opportunity to work on my exploration skills and the chance to work on my own market research project, giving me the choice to work independently.

Contributing to a business like this, even in the short time I was there, has boosted my confidence and made me feel more sure in myself.

Overall, I got a lot out of the experience and I feel that I have a wider understanding and a true insight within the marketing department which helps me with my ideas for a career in the future. I have also enjoyed it because I felt very welcome from the beginning and all the team were happy to help which I really appreciated.

I am hoping that when I have completed my A Levels I will be able to come back here for a longer period to get even more experience under my belt and prepare me for the world outside school. If you have an idea, but you're not sure, about what you want to do in the future then work experience is a great way to test it out.

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