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Yorkshire Post Interview: How Ahead Partnership has helped 200,000 young people achieve their goals

yep megan interview sep2020

Just before the academic year kicked off our Head of Development, Megan Lipp, spoke with Greg Wright, Deputy Business Editor of the Yorkshire Post about how the business community have a part to play in help disadvantaged communities overcome hurdles.

Megan talked to Greg about the programmes we have been delivering for the past 14 years, but also about how we intend to help employer organisations connect with young people during social distancing restrictions placed on schools and colleges since the lockdown.

Megan said in the interview: “I have a fantastic job because I get to meet young people face to face when they’re taking part in a project and I also help partners achieve their corporate purpose. Ahead Partnership is a social business with a social purpose.

“We want to help get town centres up and running again through our network of business supporters. There are lots of SMEs in towns who want to work together to build a better community.”

You can read the interview in full online here >>

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