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Youth, Diversity & Inclusion: Best practice learning on how to inspire Gen Z into your workplace

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Anyone working in the tech sector in Leeds is invited to our exclusive learning event as part of Leeds Digital Festival 2022.

Gender and ethnic diversity are huge issues in today's digital workforce. Only 17% of current UK workers in this sector are female and only 19% are from ethnic minorities . Many organisations have been asking themselves: how can we hope to produce tech products and services for a wide audience if our team isn't as diverse as wider society?

For a number of years we've been working with a broad range of employers from digital to reach and inspire young people who may never have considered a career in the sector or who may struggle to see their place in a sector where they don't see role models from their own backgrounds.

Over the last year we have brought together a number of leading employers in Leeds to form Growing Talent Digital Leeds, a co-funded programme of innovative and exciting activities for young people in the city led and designed by business volunteers and organised and managed by Ahead Partnership. As a result, 96% of the young people that have taken part so far have said they have a better understanding of the digital sector and 73% say they are more likely to work in the sector.

This free to attend Growing Talent Digital Leeds learning event will share honest and practical tips and advice on how to encourage and support a more diverse spectrum of Gen Z/Zoomers into your workforce from the employers that have been finding out. How can your organisations reach young people who have never considered a career in digital? How can you help dispel the stereotypes that many young people hold about the sector? When is the right time to start engaging with young people about careers at your organisation? And how might this affect your recruitment processes and retention plans?

Suitable for HR and recruitment, ESG and social value, marketing and internal communications professionals from any organisation that needs people with digital skills, or any business volunteer from the digital sector who would like to bring more balance to the local workforce.

Sign up now for our city centre event and find out how you can improve your diversity and inclusion when it comes to today's young workforce.

When: Wednesday 28 September 2022, 12pm-2pm
Where: Leeds City Centre (venue TBC)





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