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Growing Talent programmes are focused on specific places and sectors and are designed to deliver a long-term response to needs and opportunities

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Our Growing Talent programmes currently cover digital & technology, business, finance and professional services, green, built environment, transport and health and care. Growing Talent programmes can be created with different groups of partners wherever there is a need for youth engagement and skills development. New programmes are being developed and launched on a continuous basis.  

We are always looking for new partners who are interested in working with us to launch this highly effective approach.  


Join forces with others in your industry or region to support young people in a practical way, and create social impact that matters to you

The Growing Talent model allows businesses to come together and collaboratively problem-solve to address challenges affecting their industry or region. By reaching young people who are under-represented in key growth sectors, employers can play their part in creating a more equal and inclusive society, whilst reaching out to potential talent and the unique skills and perspectives that young people can bring to the sector.

Encourage social mobility

We carefully select school partners to join our Growing Talent programmes to ensure our work reaches young people who will gain the most from our activities.

Raise awareness

Growing Talent programmes raise awareness among the future workforce of different sectors, roles, careers, and businesses that they may previously had little knowledge of.

Address skills gaps

Our programmes encourage young people to develop skills that will be needed in industries and regions that experience the biggest skills gaps.

Improve diversity

You can’t be what you can’t see. We tailor our activity to show young people that people like them work in a whole range of industries so they can too.

Provide opportunities

We direct young people in our Growing Talent programmes to opportunities such as work experience, internships, apprenticeships, and bootcamps provided by programme partners.


Regional and sector based Growing Talent programmes.



Growing Talent Digital Leeds



Growing Talent Greener Futures



Growing Talent West Midlands

Which sectors are included in Growing Talent programmes?


Growing Talent programmes are focused on key growth sectors across the UK, and region-specific needs. Currently Growing Talent covers digital & technology, business, finance, and professional services, green, built environment, and health and care. The nature of Growing Talent means that wherever there is a need for youth engagement and skills development, the programme can be replicated and tailored to the unique challenges of a sector or region.

What sort of activities take place through the programme?

The activities we design and deliver together vary according the ages of the young people involved, though we can work with any employer on an idea that they may have to engage young people in understanding their sector.


Key Stage Inclusions

At Key Stage 3 (11-13 years) this may include careers panels, sector insight days and inspirational speeches. At Key Stage 4 (14-15 years) the programme is more focused on specific job roles, skills and routes of entry through activities such as workplace visits, curriculum resources, speed networking, live briefs and podcasts. By Key Stage 5 (16-19 years) students interested in specific sectors are invited to attend work experience and insight days.

  • Careers panels and inspirational speeches
  • Skills, routes of entry and workplace visits
  • Work experience and insight days

What we achieve

Growing Talent works with young people over a number of years to improve their knowledge of a specific sector to harness and grow their passion through more targeted and specific experiences with the employers involved in the programme.

Our partners helping young people find successful futures

Trinity Leeds
Trinity Leeds

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