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 Find out about the work we're doing in your region and/or sector and how you can get involved:

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We have experience of designing and delivering ESG programmes that:  

  • Tackle the skills deficit by providing experience of work and developing employability skills; 
  • Improve social mobility, diversity and inclusion by bringing opportunities to different audiences; 
  • Strengthen your recruitment brand with your future workforce; 
  • Provide skills development opportunities for your staff; 
  • Provide an effective way to fulfil regulatory, planning or other statutory obligations as well as strengthen your relationships with clients and your supply chain.  

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Employers of all sectors and sizes can get involved

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We are market-leaders in bringing together complex programmes of pre-apprenticeship activity that build collaborations between employers, education partners and public authorities.

Our award-winning Growing Talent programmes are unleashing the power of collective action to tackle skills shortages within key sectors, and improve diversity and inclusivity within the workplace.  

Growing Talent programmes operate on a long-term basis to develop the pipeline of talent and help young people to connect into areas of the economy that offer high levels of opportunity and reward. They operate in different places and sectors across the country and inspire, inform and encourage young people by showcasing and connecting them into a vast array of opportunities.  

The programmes consist of an annual calendar of varied events and activities involving schools that are carefully chosen based on demographic and other criteria. The programmes are supported by employers through face to face and virtual interventions. They are led by steering groups – our anchor partners - who work with us on an ongoing basis to shape each programme offer by identifying the priorities and areas of focus.  

Growing Talent programmes are exciting because they are highly flexible and can respond quickly to an evolving agenda. They are cost-efficient because they pool resources and budgets and achieve more together.  

The programmes are typically crowd-funded by employers, often with Foundation or public sector support, and are created and managed by our team, with all engagement, organisation, facilitation and reporting provided by Ahead Partnership.

Please click below for more information on current programmes, many of which provide opportunities for employer-sponsored volunteering.   


Growing Talent Digital


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