Decarbonisation will affect every industry and every job role as we all do our part to reach net zero. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to establish themselves in emerging and growing industries

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Within the UK our different regions are home to green innovation and global clusters of excellence that will generate significant opportunity and growth over the next 10-20 years. Current projects and those in the pipeline will require an expansion in workforce across many disciplines as well as a raft of evolving and new skills. Whilst this is affecting some industries more than others, businesses across the board are greening and changing the way they work.

Climate change has understandably brought uncertainty and worry to the younger generation, yet the solutions are giving rise to fantastic career opportunities for young people. We therefore need to build a strong, future workforce that can unleash this opportunity.

The 2021 national Green Jobs Taskforce Report highlighted the importance of building pathways into good green careers, in particular for young people, if we are to achieve our Net Zero goals. Alongside access to investment, workforce challenges remain the greatest limiter on growth within the green economy.


Your involvement will help young people envision a more positive future where they can access opportunity and be part of the solution

The programme allows businesses to raise awareness of their industry, career, and organisation, whilst reaching out to potential talent and learning from the unique skills, perspectives, and enthusiasm that young people can bring to the sector. Through our work with partner schools we engage with young people from under-represented groups, helping to increase diversity in the sector.

Encourage social mobility

Working with partner schools with higher than average pupil premium, whose student populations come from under-represented groups in the industry, we encourage social mobility through increasing access to opportunities.

Raise awareness

Raise the profile of your industry and organisation among the future workforce, carers, and teachers so that young people can make more informed decisions when it comes to GCSEs and other qualifications.

Address skills gaps

Employers are best placed to advise on the skills that are needed now and in the future. Help to future-proof your industry and develop essential skills among the future workforce.

Improve diversity

Showcase the many and varied careers within the sector to those from under-represented groups. Promote the different routes into a thriving career within the green economy, widening the talent pool.

Provide opportunities

Signpost young people to work experience days, internships, apprenticeships and other opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the industry and build their skills.


In a 2022 UK study, 62% of young people say they’re passionate about sustainability but 63% have never heard of green jobs.

Skills for a net-zero economy: Insights from employers and young people, Worldskills UK and Learning & Work Institute

What sort of activities take place for the green sector?

Our collaborative programme, Growing Talent Greener Futures is specifically tailored to encourage engagement with the green economy. We also promote green and sustainability themes across all our activities throughout different sectors and programmes.

Growing Talent Greener Futures

Key Stage Inclusions

Our bespoke engagement model reaches young people throughout their education from as early as Key Stage 2.

  • From Key Stage 2 (10 years old) students start developing their understanding of the sector through eco-workshops, sustainability activities, and introductions to biodiversity and ecology.
  • At Key Stage 3 (11-13 years old) activities may include green careers panels, insight days and inspirational speeches.
  • At Key Stage 4 (14-15 years) the programme is more focused on specific job roles, skills and routes of entry through activities such as workplace visits, curriculum resources, speed networking, live briefs and podcasts.
  • By Key Stage 5 (16-19 years) students interested in the sector are invited to attend work experience and insight days.

What we achieve

Young people cannot consider a green career without first learning about the opportunities available. We surveyed 174 young people aged 4 to 17 years old before and after taking part in green skills education activities.

After learning about green careers, 82% more students said they were interested in a a green job.

Together we can reach even more young people and help them realise their potential in a green career. 

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