Growing Talent West Midlands

Led and funded by employers passionate about social value, Growing Talent West Midlands is a year-round programme of interactive activities that help young people understand that digital skills will help them access exciting and rewarding careers right on their doorstep.


In just about every sector of our economy there is a disconnect between the skills and careers that employers are looking for and the supply of young people.

At a time when digitalisation and decarbonisation are transforming the way we work, Growing Talent West Midlands brings employers and education partners together to show young people how they can access opportunity and be part of the solution.

Growing Talent West Midlands is a long-term partnership programme that develops and diversifies the talent pipeline for employers whilst levelling the playing field and enabling inclusive growth.

Collaborating with a range of private sector partners provides a unique opportunity to target activity and deliver impact where it is most needed to benefit the local economy, support industry and transform the career prospects of young people.

This programme is aimed at:

Young people aged 11-18 years old who may struggle to see their place in an aspirational career in the West Midlands


A year-long programme of activities in schools and colleges in the West Midlands

  • Engaged over 5,500 young people to date
  • 92% of young people say the programme has increased their understanding of Professional Services and Digital sectors
  • 92% say it has helped them understand how to get into different careers

How does it work?

Growing Talent West Midlands is an exciting programme of activities that inspire and educate young people on the vast array of careers opportunities that the digitalisation and decarbonisation transformations will bring.

The year-round programme of activities educates and informs young people about the digital and green skills that will be essential in the future workforce. The programme is designed to have a tangible and long-lasting impact on young people, businesses, and the local economy by encouraging inclusive growth.

Birmingham Digital Futures (BDF) Innovation District established to tackle the region's digital skills gap

We’re delighted to partner with BDF to deliver careers activities to young people at secondary school level as part of BDF’s mission to make digital skills accessible to everyone in the West Midlands.


Enhancing your organisation’s skills, diversity, and social impact.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to attract and retain top talent. Having a robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy can support your team’s professional and personal development, helping to boost your Employee Value Proposition.

Taking part in Growing Talent West Midlands helps your organisation:

  • 01. Address skills gaps in the West Midlands
  • 02. Raise your profile among the future workforce
  • 03. Build and strengthen your talent pipeline and employer brand
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in your sector
  • 05. Provide opportunities for staff development and engagement
  • 06. Demonstrate how you’re actively addressing key social and economic challenges

It is essential for businesses like ours to have a strong talent pipeline and to achieve this it is vital to engage with the next generation of talent, especially those who are underrepresented within the sector. Having a diverse workforce helps develop fresh ideas and allows businesses like ours to continue being innovative.

Rich Bovey, Club Exec at AND Digital Club Woods


Flagship events

Girl Tech West Midlands brings together young people and aspirational female role models from the thriving digital & tech sector in the West Midlands.

Full of interactive workshops, inspirational speeches and more, Girl Tech West Midlands aims to myth-bust misconceptions about careers in tech and spark a passion in young people for a career that they might not have previously considered.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in our national Growing Talent West Midlands, please contact us by completing the form for more information.


We welcome enquiries from employers with a presence in the West Midlands, no matter the size or sector.


School and colleges in the West Midlands may also use this form to express their interest in taking part.

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