Growing Talent Digital Leeds

Led and funded by some of the city’s top employers, Growing Talent Digital Leeds is an award-winning annual programme of interactive activities that help young people understand that digital skills will help them access exciting and rewarding careers.


87% of advertised jobs in the UK require digital skills. In Leeds alone there are almost 35,000 people employed in digital but the vast majority of businesses have still been reporting difficulty in recruiting candidates with the skills they need in 2024.

Growing Talent Digital Leeds is tackling the problem by harnessing the combined resources of many different employers and partners to inspire and encourage young people aged 10-18 years to pursue a career in digital.

The programme is designed to address the specific skills gaps in digital and develop a pipeline of talent for the city by targeting young people that do not currently see their place in these jobs.

Working together we aim to break down barriers and address misconceptions to improve the diversity of the future workforce and ensure digital jobs are accessible to everyone.

This programme is targeted at:

Young people aged 10-18 years old who may struggle to see their place in digital jobs


A year-long programme of activities in Leeds schools/colleges

  • Engaged 25,000 young people to date
  • 90% of young people say it has helped them understand the skills needed to work in digital
  • 79% say they believe they have a future in digital after taking part

How does it work?

Growing Talent Digital Leeds involves a year-round programme of exciting careers and skills activities led by employers such as masterclasses, careers panels, festivals and events.

The programme includes a mix of in-person and virtual activities to be able to reach as many young people as possible through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, and activities range from city-wide skills events to workshops delivered at individual schools and colleges.

Sponsored by

AND Digital
Leeds City Council
Leeds Trinity University
Aire Logic
AND Digital
Leeds City Council
Aire Logic
Leeds Trinity University

Our Growing Talent Digital Leeds programme won the Leeds Digital Festival Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022.

This award celebrates organisations and initiatives pushing the boundaries to realise better inclusion for all in tech and driving the diversity agenda in Leeds.


Enhancing Your Organisation’s Skills, Diversity, and Social Impact.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to attract and retain top talent while also addressing key social and economic challenges. Growing Talent Digital Leeds is a programme that can help your organisation achieve these goals.

Taking part in Growing Talent Digital Leeds helps your organisation:

  • 01. Address skills gaps in the city region
  • 02. Improve social mobility in Leeds
  • 03. Build and strengthen your talent pipeline and employer brand
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in your sector
  • 05. Provide focus for staff development and engagement
  • 06. Demonstrate how you’re actively addressing key social and economic challenges

We’re really proud to sponsor Growing Talent Digital Leeds and work in collaboration with the wide range of businesses across the city to make a meaningful contribution towards breaking down barriers, myths and stereotypes about working in digital roles and empowering young people with the digital skills they need for future success.

The best thing about this programme is the feeling you get seeing young people excited about the possibilities that a career in tech could bring them. We’ve taken so much from the events we’ve been involved in so far and we are excited about our plans for the next year.

Jo Wan, Principal Consultant Agile Delivery at Aire Logic


Flagship events

Year after year, Girl Tech Leeds brings together the best of Leeds' tech sector and young people excited to learn more about the industry.

Girl Tech Leeds aims to myth-bust misconceptions about careers in tech and improve diversity in the sector. Our flagship event is full of interactive workshops, inspirational speeches and more, designed to spark a passion in young people for a career they might not have previously considered.

Get involved

Please contact us to express your interest in taking part and our team will discuss how you can get involved.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in our national Growing Talent Digital Leeds programme please contact us by completing the form for more information.


We welcome enquiries from employers of all sizes with a presence in Leeds.


School and colleges in Leeds may also use this form to express their interest in taking part.

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