Growing Talent Greener Futures

Co-led and co-funded by employers who share a passion for raising aspirations for young people to find a career in the green sector, Growing Talent Greener Futures is a year-round programme of interactive activities designed to help young people prepare for future working life where green skills will be essential.


Within the UK our different regions are home to green innovation and global clusters of excellence that will generate significant opportunity and growth over the next 10-20 years.

Current projects and those in the pipeline will require an expansion in workforce across many disciplines as well as a raft of evolving and new skills. Whilst this is affecting some industries more than others, businesses across the board are greening and changing the way they work.

Our Growing Talent Greener Futures programme is unique in its design-led, hands-on, and long-term approach, where employers help to co-design the programme to ensure it meets the needs of the future workforce.

This programme is aimed at:

Young people aged 10-18 years old who might not see their place in a career in the green economy


A year-round programme of activities 


How does it work?

Growing Talent Greener Futures is a year-round programme of exciting, interactive careers and skills activities led by employers such as masterclasses, careers panels, festivals, and flagship events.

The programme includes activities that focus on showcasing the variety of careers available in the green economy and excites young people about the prospect of a career that supports environmental goals.


Enhancing your organisation’s skills, diversity, and social impact.

Social value is more important than ever to attract and retain talent, as well as building a talent pipeline for the future workforce. Growing Talent Greener Futures can help your organisation achieve and evidence its social value goals.

Taking part in Growing Talent Greener Futures helps your organisation:

  • 01. Raise your profile among young people
  • 02. Address skills gaps in the green economy
  • 03. Build and strengthen your talent pipeline and employer brand
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in the green economy
  • 05. Provide opportunities for staff development and engagement
  • 06. Evidence your social value impact

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in Growing Talent Greener Futures, please contact us by completing the form for more information.


We welcome enquiries from employers who are passionate about decarbonisation, no matter the size or sector from all across the UK.


Schools and colleges in Yorkshire & Humber please use this form to express your interest in taking part

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