Growing Talent Manchester

Co-led, co-funded, and co-designed by employers who share a passion for social value, Growing Talent Manchester is an Ahead Partnership innovation that is harnessing the power of collaboration to inspire and encourage young people aged 10-18 years to pursue a career in Manchester.


Growing Talent Manchester aims to address widening skills gaps by providing a year-round programme of interactive engagement that focuses on building essential skills for the world of work and introduces young people to careers in a cross-section of industries.

Through a design-led and collaborative approach, Growing Talent Manchester provides a platform for employers to join forces and improve the future talent pipeline in their industries while supporting the development and career prospects of local young people.

This programme is aimed at:

Young people aged 10-18 years old in Greater Manchester who might not see their place in an aspirational career in Manchester


A year-round programme of activities in schools and colleges in Greater Manchester


How does it work?

Co-led, co-funded, and co-designed by employers, Growing Talent Manchester brings together organisations with a passion for social mobility.

Growing Talent Manchester is an exciting programme of activities and events that inspire and engage young people. With a focus on the future career opportunities that digital skills and sustainability skills will provide, the programme equips young people with the foundational skills to thrive in their future careers.


Enhance your organisation’s skills, diversity and social impact.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to attract and retain top talent while also addressing key social and economic challenges. Growing Talent Manchester is a programme that can help your organisation achieve these goals.

  • 01. Address skills gaps in digital and environmental sustainability
  • 02. Improve social mobility in Greater Manchester
  • 03. Build and strengthen your future talent pipeline and employer brand
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in your sector
  • 05. Provide focus for staff development and engagement
  • 06. Demonstrate how you’re actively addressing key social and economic challenges

There is a massive opportunity within Manchester for businesses to come together and invest in the future workforce. Through Growing Talent Manchester, we are empowering businesses in the tech and digital sector to shape the direction of the programme for maximum impact on young people in the city to ensure the skills they are learning and the careers they are made aware of align with the needs of the industry. We’re really excited to see how this programme shapes future outcomes for young people and the local business community.

Megan Lipp, Head of Growth at Ahead Partnership

Get involved

Please contact us to express your interest in taking part and our team will discuss how you can get involved.

How can I get involved?

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We welcome enquiries from employers of all sizes with a presence in Greater Manchester.


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