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Our health and care programmes bring to life the varied careers available within an integrated health and care sector and help to build a much-needed pipeline of talent to resource our future needs

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Through collaborating with NHS England, local NHS trusts, higher education and local education providers, our health and care programme puts a spotlight on the skills needed in the future NHS workforce and helps young people to find their career in health and care. 

The programmes show young people the frontline and back office roles available and break down perceived barriers by demonstrating the passion and commitment of those already working within the sector.  We empower young people to explore the skills and qualifications needed and help them understand the access routes into these careers. 


Your involvement will help young people build essential skills that are needed in the future health and care workforce

The programme allows organisations in the health and care sector identify young people with a desire to help others and the values that will help them flourish in a career in health and care. It also helps young people build the essential skills they will need in the future. By encouraging an interest in the variety of roles available in health and care, and signposting young people to early entry access routes into these careers, together we’re helping to build a strong talent pipeline for the health and care sector.

Encourage social mobility

Our work helps to improve social mobility by bringing opportunities to  different audiences and signposting to early entry access routes

Raise awareness

Together we raise awareness of the variety of essential roles in the health and care sector and how they all support the running of our healthcare system

Address skills gaps

Our activities and events are designed to address specific skills gaps by supporting young people to develop essential skills such as confidence, communication, teamwork, and problem solving.

Improve diversity

Our programmes seek to improve diversity and inclusion in specific careers within the sector by breaking down barriers and misconceptions about different roles.

Provide opportunities

We collaborate with our partners to direct young people towards opportunities for work experience, internships, apprenticeships, and other opportunities to gain professional experience.


What sort of activities take place?

The activities we design and deliver together are tailored to the age group of the young people involved and the objectives of the programme.

Key Stage Inclusions

All our activities focus on exploring different essential roles within the health and care system with the aim of developing key transferable skills that will be needed to require in any career.

  • At Key Stage 3 (11-13 years) this may include careers panels, sector insight days and inspirational speeches.
  • At Key Stage 4 (14-15 years) the programme is more focused on specific job roles, skills and routes of entry through activities such as workplace visits, curriculum resources, speed networking, live briefs and podcasts.
  • By Key Stage 5 (16-19 years) students interested in specific careers are invited to attend work experience and insight days.

What we achieve

In addition to engaging with over 5,000 young people in live activity and 8,000+ additional young people through digital resources, our programme also provides learning and development opportunities to health and care professionals through workshop delivery, role modelling their profession, and sharing their expertise with young people.

Others helping young people develop their skills

Trinity Leeds
Trinity Leeds

Our Impact

  • 5,000

    Young people involved in live activity
  • 8,000+

    Young people reached through digital resources
  • 98%

    Increased understanding of transferable skills
  • 88%

    More likely to explore a role in the sector

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