DiverseIT Stories Podcast
interviews Stephanie Burras
on empowering local youth

03 Jun, 21


Last month, we were delighted to be invited by Sparta Global to be part of their DiverseIT Stories podcast, a platform sharing stories from technologists, ED&I professionals and individuals who champion difference.

Sparta Global are a Birmingham-based early-careers and graduate employer that give individuals with a passion for technology access to free training in Software Development, DevOps, Testing, Data and Business Analysis. They work with some of the UK’s top employers to offer work placements and projects to their ‘Spartans’ after they complete their training at their academy which often lead to permanent employment.

Sparta Global have been regularly supporting our programmes over the last 12 months, with their graduate ‘Spartans’ volunteering for our virtual activities such as interview practice sessions and careers panels to talk to young people about their career journeys and pathway into employment, as well as the benefits and potential of building digital skills.

The podcast is hosted by their Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Gaia Caruso, and aims to ‘celebrate the stories that give a voice to those who have battled for representation and equality.’

In this episode our own Chief Executive, Stephanie Burras CBE, explains why she founded Ahead Partnership and her vision for how businesses and employers can play an important part in creating a fairer society. She also highlights some of the successful programmes we’ve delivered over the last 15 years and some of the exceptional and dedicated employers that partner with us to bring positive change to their communities.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify by clicking here, or search for ‘DiverseIT Stories’.