Ahead Partnership Young People Privacy Policy


Ahead Partnership Privacy Notice for Students

We are a company called Ahead Partnership. We work with employers, schools and colleges to provide you with opportunities and activities and to help you decide what you might want to do when you have finished your education.

We hold some information about you, including your name and the school you go to. You can read more information about the types of information we hold about you below. We look after your information and only use it when we need to. This notice explains what information we hold about you, what we do with it and why, but if you have any questions please get in touch with us at dataprotection@aheadpartnership.org.uk.

If you are in Year 11 or below, we may ask your parent or carer to contact us on your behalf and we may choose to copy them into any responses we send to you, if we have their contact details.

Personal Information

The types of information we are likely to hold about you include your:

  • full name;
  • year group;
  • gender;
  • ethnicity;
  • photographs and videos of you;
  • records of your attendance at events; and
  • any safeguarding information we are required to keep about you.

We collect this information for a number of reasons. In some cases, it is useful for us to hold and use the information and doing so does not have a negative impact on you. That means we are able to use your information without your consent. Those uses include:

  • making sure you are able to participate in events and activities provided by us, including events and activities we provide virtually or online;
  • making sure we are able to receive funding from organisations so that we can continue to provide our events and activities to you (we have explained this in more detail in the section called “Will we share your information with anybody else?” below);
  • reading the feedback you provide in relation to our events and activities to help us improve our services and to provide training; and
  • for safeguarding purposes.

We would also like to use your information for other purposes and in those scenarios we will check if you are happy for us to do so. If you are in Year 11 or below, we will ask your parent or carer on your behalf if they are happy for us to use your information. We will only use your information if you or your parent/ carer has said it is ok for us to do so, and you may change your mind at any time:

  • taking images and videos of you participating in events (both in person and online as part of a virtual activity) and displaying them at your school or college;
  • taking images and videos of you participating in events (both in person and online as part of a virtual activity) and displaying them on our website, social media channels, publications (including press releases) and reports, newsletters or other promotional material ;
  • to promote the services we provide;
  • to share news stories and case studies of our work together;
  • to contact you to find out if the events you have taken part in have helped you make careers decisions;
  • to contact you about future events and activities we think you might like to participate in; and
  • to contact you about job vacancies and opportunities at organisations you have previously expressed an interest in or where you have done work experience or a similar placement.

Will we share your information with anybody else?

We might have to share your information with other organisations, or other organisations may be able to view your information because of the services they provide to us. They include:

  • organisations that provide IT related services to us, including storing your information. By asking another organisation to store your information we can make sure it is secure and protected;
  • organisations that provide funding (money!) to us so we can continue to provide you with events and activities. Sometimes they will ask us to provide information about you as evidence that our events and activities are successful and beneficial to you. This might include information about you taking part in our events over a number of years, but we will never keep your personal data, or allow organisations to access it, for longer than the storage period set out below;
  • organisations that provide marketing services to us so they can help us share images and videos of you participating in our events on our website and on social media;
  • organisations that offer you work experience or similar opportunities;
  • schools and colleges involved in events and activities you participate in; and
  • local newspapers if you agree to us sharing images of you participating in our events with them as part of a news story.

How long do we keep your information?

We will keep your information until you leave Year 11 or Year 13 if you are at sixth form college at the point we collect your personal data, after which we will delete it. If we would like to keep your information for longer, for example to continue to use photos and videos you appear in, we will ask you when you leave Year 11 or Year 13 if you are happy for us to do so. We will also let you know how long we plan to keep your information when we get in touch with you. If you don’t reply or you tell us you don’t want us to keep your information any longer, we will delete it.

Your rights

You can write to us at any time if you would like information about or a copy of the personal information we hold about you. Please write to: dataprotection@aheadpartnership.org.uk.

You have a number of rights relating to the information we process about you. They include:

  • asking us to provide you with a copy of the information we process about you as well as information about what we do with it (most of that information is set out in this notice);
  • asking us to correct or delete your information;
  • asking us to only use your information for certain purposes;
  • objecting to us using your information; and
  • asking us to transfer your information to somebody else.

The rights explained above do not apply in every scenario and we might not have to do as you ask although we will always try to meet your request where we are able to. You can find more information on the following website – https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/.

If you are unhappy with the way we use your information, you can get in touch with the Information Commissioner’s Office which is the organisation that oversees how your information is used. You can contact them here – https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.