Health & Care Pathways

Led and funded by key organisations in the health and care sector including NHS England, our Health & Care Pathways programme seeks to address key skills deficits, improve diversity in specific professions, and raise awareness of roles that are essential to our health and care system.


In June 2023, Amanda Pritchard the NHS Chief Executive noted that “Inaction in the face of demographic change is forecast to leave us with a shortfall of between 260,000 and 360,000 staff by 2036/37”. This highlights the increasing need for future workforce planning and the importance of engaging with those that will be entering the workforce in the next 10 years.

Our Health & Care Pathways programme seeks to address this issue by engaging young people at secondary school level before they make key decisions about their future study and potential routes in careers. Our work raises awareness of the variety of different careers within health and care, with a particular focus on:

  • Non-clinical roles
  • Allied health professional roles
  • Adult secure services
  • Mental health nursing & learning disability nursing
This programme is targeted at:

Young people aged 10-18 years old who may not be aware of the opportunities available in the health and care sector


A year-long programme of activities in the health and care sector

  • 14,500 interventions  achieved to date
  • 8,000 young people have received digital resources
  • 160 volunteers have shared their time and expertise
  • 40 schools have engaged with the programme
  • Over 50 events have taken place

How does it work?

The Health & Care Pathways programme involves a year-round programme of exciting careers and skills activities such as careers panels, workshops, live briefs and events.

The programme includes a mix of in-person activities and digital resources to reach as many young people as possible and showcase the variety of different careers that support the NHS and our health and care system.


Creating a future pipeline of talent for our health and care sector

Taking part in the Health & Care Pathways Programme helps your organisation:

  • 01. Address key skills gaps in the health and care sector
  • 02. Improve social mobility
  • 03. Build and strengthen your future talent pipeline and employer brand
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in health and care
  • 05. Provide opportunities for staff development and engagement
  • 06. Demonstrate how you’re actively addressing key social and economic challenges
This programme is a unique platform for students to interact with professionals, gaining valuable insights into the integral roles that support our doctors and nurses. It’s about more than just creating awareness: it teaches valuable transferrable skills such as teamwork and public speaking, as well as nurturing a passion for the healthcare sector and showcasing the depth of opportunities available.

Steve Brennan, Kirklees Place Programme Director at NHS West Yorkshire

Get involved

Please contact us to express your interest in taking part and our team will discuss how you can get involved.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in our Health & Care Pathways Programme please contact us by completing the form for more information.


We welcome enquiries from employers in the health and care sector.


School and colleges in Yorkshire may also use this form to express their interest in taking part.

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