Leeds Law Society Education Programme

Now in its tenth year, Leeds Law Society Education Programme delivers an exciting series of World of Work days that firms and individuals can sponsor and take part in.


Leeds Law Society and Ahead Partnership invite law firms and legal professionals from across Leeds to take part in a programme of activity with local primary schools to help young people understand the variety of roles within the sector, meet role models from law and develop key skills for employment.

Over 4,000 young people have benefitted from the programme to date with 120 law firms having taken part. 99% of the young people involved said it improved their awareness of the types of jobs they could do after school.

There are opportunities for everyone to volunteer their support and sponsorship through this programme. Your involvement will help young people to envision a more positive future.

The programme allows businesses to play their part in creating a more equal and inclusive society, whilst reaching out to potential talent and the unique skills and perspectives that young people can bring to the sector.

All the activities in the programme are organised by Ahead Partnership with support and resources that help your colleagues get involved quickly and safely.

This programme is targeted at:

Young people aged 9-18 years old in primary and secondary schools in Leeds

  • A series of ‘World of Work Day’ activities throughout the school year aimed at students aged 9-11 years old. You will need a minimum of five volunteers for this day-long activity. 
  • Interactive careers panels aimed at secondary school students aged 11-18 years old. You will need a team of at least four volunteers for this activity which lasts up to three hours. 
  • 98% of young people say it increases their understanding of how to get into different careers
  • 91% say they developed their teamworking skills
  • 87% were motivated to work harder at school after participating in a World of Work day

How does it work?

Leeds Law Society Education Programme allows you to engage with young people about the variety of careers available within Law. Share your expertise and inspire the next generation.

Facilitated and organised by Ahead Partnership, law firms are invited to sponsor either a Careers Panel with students aged 11-18, or a World of Work Day with 9-11 years olds.

Once signed up, we’ll make all the logistical arrangements for your activities, including fully briefing your colleague volunteers and providing all the resources that you’ll need on the day.

We make taking part easy for your colleagues by providing everything you need for a successful workshop. An Ahead Partnership Project Manager is on hand should you have any questions.


Enhancing your organisation’s skills, diversity, and social impact.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to attract and retain top talent while also addressing key social and economic challenges. Leeds Law Society Education Programme can help your organisation achieve these goals by helping to inspire the next generation of talent.

Taking part in Leeds Law Society Education Programme helps your organisation:

  • 01. Profile a range of careers in the legal sector
  • 02. Encourage social mobility in Leeds
  • 03. Provide opportunities for staff development and engagement
  • 04. Improve diversity and inclusion in your sector
  • 05. Role model careers in law

The programme is a great idea and the young people seemed to love it. There was a great range of activities to bring the children out of their shells.

Volunteer, Leeds Law Society

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in the Leeds Law Society Education Programme, please contact us by completing the form for more information.


We welcome enquiries from law firms in Leeds no matter the size.


Primary schools in Leeds may also use this form to express their interest in taking part.

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